A new Hungarian based premier airline will commence its operations by winter 2017. The Airline will be based in Budapest, Hungary which aims to be the leading modern carrier in Europe and will be at the forefront of innovation and technology with and a forward thinking, progressive attitude to the industry.

Terms and Conditions

Online Booking Terms of Use

Welcome to RonanAir' online booking facility. Please go through the following terms and conditions carefully. All online flight bookings onwww.ronanair.com are subject to our Website User Agreement and the following terms and conditions. By using this service you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and notices. Please note that throughout this document, the terms we, our us and RA refers to RonanAir kft

1. Formation Of Contract

I) Thewww.ronanair.com Online booking facility (hereafter referred to as "the booking facility") is owned and operated by RonanAir(hereafter referred to as "RA"). When you use the booking facility with the purpose of making a reservation, you are conceding to these Online Booking Terms of Use and other applicable conditions, terms and notices, including but not limited to the Conditions of Carriage. DO NOT USE the booking facility if in case you disagree with any part of these Online Booking Terms of Use or such other applicable terms and conditions. Please obtain a print-out of these Online Booking Terms of Use for your records.

II)RA does not guarantee nor represent the completeness or the accuracy of any information located within the booking facility. The data within the booking facility is subject to change without notice.

2. Limitations On Use

2.1 This website may not be used for any prohibited or unlawful purposes. The online booking facility at www.ronanair.com

may not be used to make any fraudulent, speculative or unauthorized reservation.

2.2 The users may not

  1. Use the www.ronanair.com
  2. online booking facility for any activity that interferes with its availability for other users or any action that breaches the law.
  3. Resell the services of www.ronanair.com
  4. online booking facility

RAreserves the right to cancel any booking without further reference to the user in the event that RA, in its sole discretion decides that the user is in breach of any of these Online Booking Terms of Use.

3. Use of the www.ronanair.com (online booking facility)

3.1 The purpose of www.ronanair.comis solely to assist its users in determining the availability of the airline’s products and services and to make legitimate reservations or purchases. Abuse of the booking facility is strictly prohibited and may result in, amongst other measures, the user being denied access to it.

3.2 The users will comply with the applicable terms and conditions of reservation and purchase of goods and services offered by the airline. Compliance with applicable terms and conditions including payment, and all rules and restrictions with regards to the availability of products, services and fares shall be abided by the users. The responsibility for all charges, duties, fees, assessments and taxes incurred when using the booking facility will be the sole responsibility of the user of the online booking facility.

4. Booking rules

4.1 Reservations may be made for up to 9 passengers in Premier class for RonanAir flights. However, reservations cannot always be made for up to 9 passengers in Premier class in the case of itineraries operated by other airlines.

4.2 Tickets booked through www.ronanair.com online booking facility for infants (under 2 years at the time of first travel date) and/or children (below 12 years at the time of first travel date) required to travel with an accompanying adult under one reservation.

4.3 In the case an infant turns a child during the travel, he/she is required a child ticket.

4.4 Reservations are subject to the availability of seats and applicable fare conditions.

4.5 An Electronic Ticket will be issued for bookings made on www.ronanair.com. The customer must ensure that the email address is valid and free of any error.

4.6 With the exception of the Book Now & Pay Later facility, all payments must be made at the time of reservation. Fares and taxes will be quoted and charged in the currency displayed in the fare quote for EURO.

4.7 If both native and equivalent EURO amounts are displayed in a transaction, then such transactions will be charged in EURO.

4.8 Credit/Debit cards issued by MasterCard, Visa, American Expressand Mastero cards may be used for reservations. However, all these credit/debit card options may not be available in every departure city.

4.9 For electronic Tickets purchased by credit/debit card, the card that was used to purchase the ticket as well as the passport of the passenger is required at the check-in at the airport. At the failure to produce these necessary documents for verification, RA reserves the right to deny the ticket holder(s) from boarding the flight.

4.10 In case of the card holder not traveling, verification needs to be taken 24 hour of the flight departure before from the nearest ticket office.

However if the VISA verified and MasterCard secure code not activated by your card issuer you may not be required to produce the card at the airport or get the verification prior to the departure of your flights.

However RA may require to produce the card or to get the verification in even though the above mention securities activated by your card issuer. In such situations RA will inform the passengers via e-mail or via telephone through the contact information given on the reservation. At the failure to produce these necessary documents for verification, RA reserves the right to deny the ticket holder(s) from boarding the flight.

4.11 Virtual Cards or e-cards are not accepted on RonanAir and should not be used on the Airlines' online booking facility.

4.12 Carriage and other services executed by RA are subject to RAConditions of contract and Conditions of Carraige as amended by these Online Booking Terms of Use which are to be read together with and which form a part of Conditions of Contract and Conditions of Carriage. By choosing to make a reservation through thewww.ronanair.combooking facility, the customer agrees to be bound by RA Conditions of Carriage, Conditions of Contract and Online Booking Terms of Use.

5. Date changes

I) Date changes will be subject to fare conditions, applicable procedures, local fees, fare differences, processing charges (if applicable) and can be done throughwww.ronanair.com, the nearest RonanAir office.

II) Online date changes are only applicable for bookings made online.

III) When changing an itinerary, cancel and rebook the flight prior to 5 hours before the departure time.

IV)Name changes are not possible once tickets are issued. Please make sure that you enter your name as per the passport.

6. No show

I) Passengers who do not cancel and rebook their flights before 5 hours prior to the flight’s departure are considered as No Show. Please note that in this case, the subsequent sectors of the booking too will get cancelled.

II) In such cases higher of cancellation fee or no show fee along with any fare differences will be charged if the passengers wish to change their itineraries.

7. Refunds and cancellations

7.1 Restricted tickets which do not have a refund value and promotional fares will not be refunded by the Airline. In the case of cancellations and refunds, fare conditions and applicable refund fees will apply.

7.2 If the refund is requested within 5 hours of departure, higher of No Show penalty or Refund Penalty will apply.

7.3 It is your sole responsibility to ensure that you are in possession of all the documents required by the local immigration authorities at your transit and destination. The Airline will not take any responsibility for the consequences faced by you as a result of you not being in possession of the required visa/documents.

7.4 In case of change of itinerary within 5 hours of departure, the higher of cancelation fee or the no show fee + the applicable fare difference will apply.

7.5 Name changes are not possible once issued. Please make sure that you enter your name as per the passport to avoid inconveniences.

7.6 When refunding a partially utilized ticket, we will be charging you the one way fare of the used segment, the used taxes and the respective refund penalty.

8. Travel requirements

8.1 Obtaining visa for travel remains the responsibility of the passenger. A valid passport is required for the duration of the trip and the expiry date of the passport must be in accordance with the countries the passenger will be travelling to. For more information on passport and visa information, please contact the embassy of the country of expected travel.

9. Taxes, fees, charges

9.1 The price of the ticket may include taxes and fees which are imposed by government authorities and airports and may also include charges (including surcharges) on air transportation which are imposed by the carrier. These taxes, fees and surcharges which may represent a significant portion of the cost of air travel, are either included in the fare, or shown separately in the 'TAX/FEE/carrier imposed SURCHARGE' boxes of the ticket.

9.2 Some airports levy airport departure taxes and passenger service charges which are payable by passengers at the airport locally. The information on these charges are not given in our quoted fares. Fares may not include all airport and passenger taxes which must be paid by each passenger. Such information may be quoted with the fare, and included in the total due.

10. No Representation

RA does not guarantee that the user access or the usage of www.ronanair.comonline booking facility will be error-free or uninterrupted or that any data, content, software or any other material available on www.ronanair.comwill be free of viruses, bugs, Trojan horses or any other harmful components.

11. Limitation of Liability

RA will not be held responsible for any injury, loss or damage including those based on negligence including special damages or lost profits to the maximum extent permitted by law, that are connected with any of the following terms.

  1. Use of the www.ronanair.com
  2. online booking facility
  3. Material contained in the www.ronanair.com
  4. booking facility including data involved in checking prices, ticketing or any other use
  5. Failures or delays connected to or rising out of the unavailability of www.ronanair.com
  6. booking facility due to technical difficulties or any other circumstance
  7. Submission of any business or personal information including but not limited to credit card and bank details
  8. Breach of security or unauthorized access into the www.ronanair.com
  9. online booking facility through the global computer network
  10. Failure of any service, function, performance or non-performance connected to . www.ronanair.com
  11. online booking facility
  12. Any bookings made through www.ronanair.com
  13. booking facility that are incomplete, delayed, in error or has not registered

In the case that RA is found liable for any loss or damage associated with the use of www.ronanair.comonline booking facility, the liability shall not exceed any service charge or subscription fee connected to accessing www.ronanair.com

12. Cancellation or suspension of service

In the event that RA suspects that the passengers’ User ID/Frequent flyer Number, PIN/Password maybe or is being used By unauthorized persons; or

  1. In breach of these Online Booking Terms of Use; or
  2. In a manner that may cause a loss to RA or the passenger

In such instances, RA at its sole discretion, without notice or cause will restrict or terminate the passenger’s access to the www.ronanair.comonline booking facility or give effect to any reservation or request made through www.ronanair.comonline booking facility.

13. Ticket conditions, conditions of contract and other notices

All reservations made for carriage on RonanAir on flights operated by us are subject to RonanAir Conditions of Contract, General Conditions of Carriage for Passengers and Baggage, and other Important Notices all of which are available on the RonanAir websitewww.ronanair.com.

14. Health

Immunization may be recommended or required for your destination or stopover points.

15. Insurance

Purchase of travel insurance is highly recommended to cover loss in the case that the passenger’s ticket or baggage is lost or damaged. This is applicable especially when purchasing tickets with restrictions.

16. Flights Operated By Code Share Partners

Codeshare flights are flights that are on the same ticket as the RonanAir flights, but operated by another airline and have a RonanAir flight number. These airlines may have a different baggage allowance to RonanAir Flights operated by our code share partner airlines are subject to terms and conditions imposed by the operating carrier. Please refer the respective operating airline's website for information.

17. Information Security

We will take all reasonable measures to ensure that information our passengers transmit to RonanAir using this online booking facility will remain confidential and protected from unauthorized access. However we will not be liable for unauthorized access to that information.

18. Personal Information

When using www.ronanair.comonline booking facility, the users will be required to provide certain information such as name, contact details etc. If the user fails to provide this information or provide it incorrectly, RA will not be responsible to the user for RA’s inability to fulfill its agreement to the user including processing reservations or contacting the user if there is a problem.



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