At Ronan Air, we believe being 50+ is something that should be valued.

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RonanAir’s exclusive 50 Plus Club opens doors to a lifetime of adventure! Catering specifically to the over 50s and the young at heart, 50 Plus Club offers you access to tailormade holiday packages led by expert guides, with comfortable accommodation and great memories. With 3 new destinations every month, all you have to do is say yes to the destination that’s right for you and leave the rest to us.
    Member benefits:
  • 1.  Tours personalised to suit the 50+ traveller: We segment our travel groups according to member ages so you can enjoy a holiday that is perfectly custom-made to suit all your needs and requirements.
  • 2.   A variety of local experiences: Immerse yourself in history and experience the heart and soul of the travel destination.
  • 3.  Star class accommodation: 50 Plus Club members can look forward to return to comfortable, yet quality accommodation after a day of exploring.
  • 4.  Hassle free experience: Just pick the tour of your choice and leave the rest to us. We will make sure you have the best experience and make memories that will last a lifetime!
We do all the work so you don’t have to. Just Book the tour and you’re ready to go!
An increase in the senior population will directly translate into demand for intentional, positive, activities and experiences specifically designed for this age group. This tour is a natural fit for the senior niche, providing physical activity, new challenges, and socialization with peers. Therefore, via 50+ clubs we will be organizing tours that are well suited to individuals aged above 50 years.

We offer 50+ club members a wide variety of programs and services, including

Social and recreational activities

Health, fitness, and wellness programs

Meal and nutrition programs

Information and assistance

Who is a 50+ Club member?

A 50+ club member is an individual aged 50 and above who is wiser and stronger, with enthusiasm to burn. If you are the person who is interested in Travel, loves to meet new people, or got a zest in life for adventure, then welcome on board.


As a RonanAir 50+ member, you have the privilege of being accompanied by a designated GP (Specialist). He would not only be on board the flight but will accompany you throughout the duration of the tour. We care about your needs and wellbeing and have given thought to every intricate detail to ensure you enjoy your holiday with peace of mind.


Most of our partner hotels are equipped with excellent Spas, Wellness Centers & Gym facilities. All you need to do is to sit back, relax and rejuvenate. Leave your chores behind - you are on a retreat to escape the usual day to day mundane life.


We have an array of social activities organized for you to bounce back to vigor. A light jog or a hiking expedition or time to stretch your muscles at the Gym. Join the rest of the tour group for some social dancing, enjoy an Opera or a symphony orchestra. These are just a few of the many exciting activities we have lined up for you.


The travel industry today is waking up to the special needs of travelers more than ever before. RonanAir 50+ is sensitive to all our passengers’ needs. Therefore, we have carefully considered all aspects before partnering with hotels to ensure your comfort and convenience. It is our # 1 priority.


There are several advantages to group travel, especially when you’re traveling with RonanAir 50+ members who share similar interests. Even if interests are not similar, you’re instinctively motivated to experience something new with the rest of the group. Perhaps attend a musical concert together or enjoy a session of sundown dancing, all while getting to know one another. Furthermore, group travel not only helps build connections, but is also cost effective and safe as you travel together, joined by a trusted and experienced tour guide. Carry great memories of fun and frolic and that is exactly what RonanAir 50+ club wishes to offer you.


Are you ready to explore some of the Europe’s incredible holiday destinations and meet new people who may share the same interest? RonanAir 50+ will give you just that experience when you travel with us to exotic tourist destinations. We will ensure that your trip will be enriched with activities and experiences to reminisce about for the rest of your life.


Age is just a number and we are never too old for learning and being innovative. We at RonanAir 50+ wish to sharpen your culinary skills and teach you more of diverse cultural backgrounds through curated gourmet experiences. Understanding ingredients that go into making ethnic meals will give you an insight into other cultures. You would get firsthand experience with MasterChefs demonstrating their local, authentic and most importantly, mouthwatering, dishes.


RonanAir 50+ will soon be introducing a Newsletter featuring several areas of interest to suit the 50+ traveler. Covering topics ranging from fashion to culinary or personal or travel experiences and health, the quarterly magazine will be offered free on board RonanAir exclusively to its members.

What is the Benefit of Traveling as a group?

Travelling as a group offers a number of benefits. Groups can save money on transportation and hotel tours are great way to meet other seniors. Another benefit often overlook is the safety afforded when travelling as a group for instance tours require different levels of physical ability. Group tour guides will make the level of difficulty known to groups.