A new Hungarian based premier airline will commence its operations by winter 2017. The Airline will be based in Budapest, Hungary which aims to be the leading modern carrier in Europe and will be at the forefront of innovation and technology with and a forward thinking, progressive attitude to the industry.


With a rich legacy and a matching passion that focuses on exceptional service and unbeatable hospitality in the skies, RonanAir allows you to travel premier class with a higher level of service, comfort and assurance. Making speedy connections to a dynamic route of Central European destinations, RonanAir is your best choice for travel in and out of Hungary.

RonanAir has over half a century of experience and expertise in the travel industry, and its parent company has been a pioneer in the travel and transport sector, having commenced operations over seven decades.

passenger helicopter

Startup of our Aviation Experience – Sri Lanka’s first largest passenger helicopter.



Flight Operational Office

2220 Vecsés,

Telepi út 50,




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