A new Hungarian based premier airline will commence its operations by winter 2017. The Airline will be based in Budapest, Hungary which aims to be the leading modern carrier in Europe and will be at the forefront of innovation and technology with and a forward thinking, progressive attitude to the industry.

Ronan Foundation

Empowering the community with our unique Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

RonanAir is committed to empowering the community – through its Ronan Foundation, RonanAir supports ventures in Hungary that are engaged in improving welfare of the Hungarian community.

RonanAir also actively supports the arts and cultural pursuits of Hungary, taking outstanding Hungarian artistes to the world and showcasing their exceptional talents on the international stage.

RonanAir has supported famous Hungarian musicians, cultural dancers and Hungarian gastronomic events, all of which enthralled thousands of crowds in Asia.

Ronan Foundation 1

Ronan Foundation 2



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